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Underground Utility Location Service & Equipment (Leica Family)

Buried cable identification service

Without knowing accurate utility map, striking an underground utility is illegal & results in great costs too. Repairing a utility line can be expensive to you and your community. It would lose the utility service itself. Most importantly, striking a subsurface object can cause serious injuries to you or the workers onsite. Accurate route tracing is essential for maximising operator safety and minimising downtime for the consumer.

While you are digging, the most difficult part is accurate Mapping of Buried pipe and Cable locator in India.

Finding & Avoidance of Buried  Metallic Utilities Prior to excavation use of Electromagnetic Pipe locator & Cable Locators for identification and avoidance of Underground buried pipes and metallic cables such as Live Power Cables, Armoured telecommunication cables, underground gas pipe, water line, metallic pipes. This equipment can also provide the capability to trace the route of metallic cables such as armoured Optical fibre cables (OFC), signalling and telecom cables and is therefore also referred to as a Cable Route Tracer.

Prior Detection or Identification route of Buried Metallic and Non Metallic Utilities before any excavation it requires use of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Our GPR has Dual frequency antenna that help in accurate identification location of either underground metallic or non-metallic utilities such as buried optical fibre cables, Clay pipes, Plastic Pipes, water line, underground cable and gas pipeline etc. This can be further extended by use of Survey Protocol and Professional GPR
Mapping of Buried Non Metallic and Metallic Utilities:


Acquired field data by GQuality Accurate Buried Cable Identification Service in Indiaround penetration Radar (GPR) being sent for processing software that convert into accurate maps of the underground utility assets or buried utility services, which can be further converted into CAD data.

Leica a part of Hexagon group is global known provider for its long range of underground cable locating equipment includes a variety of technologies that accurately locates buried metallic utilities, power cable locator Delhi / India, pipe locator and detector, telecom cables route tracer locator India, underground gas pipe locator, cable avoidance tools in India. We are number one in all range of affordable Ground Penetrating Radars in India.We are no. one it buried cable locator service in India. Leica’s state of the art industrial grade rugged and robust waterproof underground utility locating equipment has proved its capability in world as leaders in their respective industries with the highest quality products built to last and used by operators at any level. We also provides comprehensive training programs on equipment supplied apart from service programs which ensures that your investment into the product provide you a significant return over a long period of ownership. Hexagon Geosystems is India’s largest brand in underground cable locating equipment with a customer base spread across globe and all premier companies in India spanning hundreds of clients.